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Photography: The Ultimate Tool To Grow Your Social Media Influence

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Approximately 4.6 billion people out of the world population of around 7.8 billion are online. Yes, that’s right. What’s even more fascinating is that around 50% of the world’s population is on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, to name a few.

Now it is no surprise that businesses worldwide use social media to engage, attract, and convert potential customers in order to boost their sales, establish trust, and enhance their brand appeal as well as visibility.

This has led to the birth and exponential growth of influencer marketing – an ideal combination of modern and traditional marketing in which brands collaborate with influencers to market their products or services.

Now, influencers could be anyone, anywhere. They don’t have to be celebrities.

Anyone with a substantial following be it a fashion photographer, travel enthusiasts, fitness freak could be an influencer.

Social media is full of influencers, having a range of expertise, personalities, and styles. They hook people in and provide them value in specific niches, for instance, cooking, technology, clothing, and grooming, to name a few. People learn from them, look up to them, and gain inspiration from them. All of it mainly happens through the visual content they share in the form of photos and videos.

Instagram is the biggest player in the $8 billion influencer marketing industry. After all, it is currently the best performing, most engaging and used social media platform by individuals across the world.

Instagram influencers are really living the life of their dreams. Doing what they live and making tons of money in the process.

Do you know that you too can become a successful influencer?

While building a community to become an influencer can be extremely challenging, you can use some of the best tried and tested tips to gain a loyal and permanent audience on various social media platforms, Instagram in particular.

Building A Theme Around Your Niche

The most critical part of this process is to gain a niche within the thousands, if not millions of people posting in your desired category. This means that you will have to develop your own identity and a unique image to your page. Differentiating your content can immediately increase the value of your page while providing quality content that the audience cannot find elsewhere. 

A fantastic visual appeal, unique content and a personal touch, all of these can be achieved through one tool: Photography! 

Yes, you read that right. By leveraging photography, you can display personalized content different from other bloggers and influencers, in which you can incorporate your theme. Not only does this provide a stark visual element to your page but can also add your own style to your content, which is instantly noticed by the audience. 

Giving your photos the right aesthetic appeal is crucial to grabbing your audience's attention.

After all, there are literally millions of posts being published every day, and people tend to quickly scroll through content that does not catch their eye. Thus, it's essential to generate eye-catching and beautiful content for your social media platform. 

Consistency in Your Visuals 

Capturing the eye of the user can be the most vital strategy of boosting your click-through rate when social media platforms highlight your content to different users. So, what's the best way to achieve this?

Bringing consistency in your images through different vibrant filters! 

All the popular influencers and brands follow this strategy, since having a synchronized color theme, asymmetrical organization and an alluring appeal can help attract more viewers.

You can simply do this by using a single preset for three photographs in a row. Some examples of fantastic portrait presets can be found here:



With a higher aesthetic appeal, you can quickly boost your engagement, while simultaneously ensuring that you have a more influential reach. 

Enhance Your Editing Skills

Perhaps the most important part of appealing users on social media is through personalized content generated by good quality photography. Opt for creating a unique style from bold and colorful looks to find a sophisticated layer of style for your content. This will, singlehandedly, make your social media presence more recognizable. 

While some pictures naturally come out great and are post-worthy, others can use a bit of editing to make them better. Don't you agree? 

Editing can indeed be a tricky skill to attain. However, with the effort, you can become skillful at it and it will allow you to perfectly tailor your content for Instagram. The best way to start is through using presets.

Many websites, such as Panda Presets, have a wide range of lightroom preset collections that can instantly transform your photos. 

Whether you are a seasoned photographer or merely a beginner trying to improve your social media presence, presets can quickly provide beautiful custom presets for the type of photography you do. 

People tend to sit through long hours and spend a great of money in the quest to make their images perfect.

Now, you do not have to waste hours and hours editing or rely on someone else. Just use the super cool filters and bring minor changes in edits if required!

Relate With Your Audience 

Generating relatable content can be the most crucial part of retaining your audience and gather loyal followers. This can help establish trust and in turn enable you to amass a huge following, bringing in lucrative opportunities for you.

Try and add a more personalized touch to your content as it will not only make it stand out but also better resonate with your target audience. 

Collaborating With Other Influencers 

Imagine watching content generated by two of your favorite influencers. Sounds fun, right? Exactly! It not only grabs tons of views but can also become a source of getting higher status in the influencer’s community.

This is one of the most popular marketing strategies used by social media influencers, as it helps to market you and your brand more efficiently. Get in contact with influencers that share your niche so that together you can generate content that all your followers will want to see.

You can achieve this by looking for different influential photographers to take pictures of you or to edit the content you generate. Them tweaking your content will add a touch of their art in yours, creating enhanced content for your blog and theirs.

Throughout the course of your collaboration, make sure to keep your followers engaged. You can do this by posting exciting stories, posts, and social media engagement tools. You never know your follower’s suggestions might give you direction on what you should do.

After the collaboration, share the pictures on your page and tag the other influencer. They will surely do the same. With harmonized collaborations like these, both the influencers will mutually benefit and the content will have a substantial reach.


Photography is a vital tool, which can be easily and promptly adopted to become a social media influencer. If done correctly, photography can give you the break that you are looking for. 

So, don't hesitate to invest time and energy in mastering it. 

Play around with different styles, portray your themes, generate content for your niche and use quality presets to create a holistic aesthetic appearance for yourself on various platforms. 

Don't miss out on the incredible opportunities that await! 

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